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Ongoing Projects

Community members and first responders alike can help support these efforts. 

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Train Peers

CISM is a peer driven program and our team will increase support by expanding the network of first responders who can answer this call. Message to get trained and help lead our team.

ICISF Group and Individual (GRIN) training is a 3 day course taught by certified ICISF instructors. Advanced training is also available. Our goal is to assist members in covering the costs for this educational training of people in Marquette and Alger Counties.


Reimburse Costs

Interventions are always conducted by a Peer and at least one trauma specialist. Our dedicated team members are currently doing this on a volunteer basis and often across the Central Upper Peninsula.


Help reimburse travel expenses and to pay for mental health professionals. In the event that ongoing therapy is needed after an event, this fund may help pay for those costs. This fund will also cover transportation costs if a First Responder needs to access SUD treatment out of the local area.



Grow Community Network

Critical Incidents can affect many different lives.  We're growing our membership representation to increase community preparedness. This is a proactive step to help people deal with significant or large-scale incidents. Message to get involved and join our network.

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